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In The Battlefield With Vietnam

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    "True Soldiers march through all types of climate, rain... snow... even the worse of storms known to mankind." 
- V.Nam

      Now that the empire is built,I been strategizing on these (2) new operations for all my soldiers to vibe to. First one will be that GrindHouse Instrumentals, which I been supposed to dropped that. A situation came up that caused me to lose my massive production arsenal but that didn't stop my mission to get the world thowd. I still had beats left over. Now it's time to drop them so I can work on the next batch. The second mission is dropping beats like artists do albums. The contents inside of my first arsenal was tremendous... I Had everything from Operation: Texas wreck shop to operation: Hall of Fame. Like many great producers, once they create a certain masterpiece once; it isn't anything for them to create it again but better than ever. Oh well, it's time to march over that give you all the musical artillery to defeat your opposites. So you understand what GrindHouse is all about, it was built in Thowd Town after I relocated in 2007.

Here's a track from them GrindHouse Dayz, Press Play To Listen: .

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