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Public Relations

    Our Public Relations Services are designed to complement your marketing swag in a way that maximizes you to receive high profile exposure. To help your organization achieve its communication, branding, social media and visibility goals, Below are some of our Specialty Services that we provide pertaining to public relation work:

Strategy & Brand Positioning

    Every client has different objectives. VI4V works with each client to ascertain those goals and map out the strategy that will best accomplish their mission. That strategy forms the foundation of all PR efforts. By establishing targeted messages that molds one identity, We define the client’s brand positioning.

    Even though, public relations strategy introduces the company and its services, VI4V is skilled in finding the unique hook that captures attention and generates coverage.
Our ability to position corporate executives as thought leaders also puts us in front of the field. Landing op-ed columnist opportunities and featured conference speaking roles is a uniquely effective public relations strategy. VI4V can help you obtain the coveted spots, then supply content and writing services as needed to turn your personnel into industry authorities.

Product Launches

    From Music Albums and software to brand-name clothes , audio devices and web sites of all kinds, VI4V is helping to introduce countless new products and services. We plant the seeds before they start growing, waving the flag on roll-outs, and keep the heat on long after the initial buzz of publicity is over.

    The key to a successful product launch is talking to the right people at the right time. We will help you pace the release of your news to specific editors, columnists and publications, targeting key contacts for exclusives where appropriate. Special events and press tours, along with aggressive product pitches all help to create a product launch that keeps you and your business in the limelight.

Media & Analyst Tours

    While on the road to demonstrate products, we discuss new initiatives and establish relationships with key editors and analysts. Detroit one day, Miami the next – we know that putting a client’s business in front of the right people can yield major payoffs.

    Successful media tours require credibility not only from the company, but also from the public relations firm itself. VI4V has conducted hundreds of media and analyst tours, giving us the inside knowledge you need to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. With VI4V at your side, a media tour can be more than just an event; it can be the one of the highlights in your career's lifespan.

Writing Services

    VI4V can provide writing services that covers press releases, user stories and bylined articles for our clients. Our team of writers understands what sparks a reporter’s interest, how to differentiate our clients from their competitors, and how to craft a message to maximize placement opportunities – all skills that are essential to creating good buzz.

    writing is a specialized craft. Many people try; but only a hand full do great in it. VI4V writers know how to create clear, succinct messages that communicate quickly and effectively to busy media people. Additionally, our comprehensive menu of writing services means your story can be coordinated across all your materials, giving you the strong, consistent image you need.

Social Media Consultation

   companies today needs a successful social media strategy. VI4V helps get you there with a ‘Social Media Guide’ designed to shape your use of Web 2.0 tools like blogs, social networks, Communities and etc. We’ll assist you in matching your strategy to your goals, educate you on best methods and posting etiquette, and help you create the right tone of voice for your social media outreach.

We’ll also help you understand how to use these tools to build a community – why you should or should not have a corporate Facebook page – how and why to use Twitter hashtags (think #BeatsByDre or #106andPark) – what RT, @, and # mean in Twitter-speak – how to get your message across without making the mistake of being obviously promotional – and much more.

    And remember: we practice what we preach. We’re bloggers, Twitterers and Facebook users too. We share what we’ve learned, both in-house and in working with clients, to help you incorporate social media into your overall public relations campaign. The rules of the Web 2.0 world for business are still being written, but we’ve got our hands firmly on the wheel to steer you in the right path.
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