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Sabor Latino Goes Global In The Industry

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  This Latin NY MC shines like a star... which he shows dedication in what he  is doing for the world and its children. You can tell how he advanced so far in so little time. Starting off with the Hip Hop Empire Magazine feature, Sabor is now ranked in the high percentile on multiple media communities.

    In the streets of New York crime rises throughout all boroughs, which proves that we need an inspirational MC to uplift the youth in the latin communities with knowledge, wisdom and motivation by lyrically illustrating observations and thesis's. The artist that we speak of is the Spanish lyricist/ teacher, Robert Torres aka Sabor Latino. While elevating in the music charts, Sabor is now available everywhere you go from your web browser to television and mobile device. Besides the articles from magazines and newspapers, he is also featured on multiple television programming in Queens, NY. 

    Check him out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Digg, Tumblr, Photobucket, Flickr, InstaGram... Subscribe to @SaborLatino on YouTube. To hear his powerful music, you can listen to all the cuts on: Reverbnation, TheSixtyOne, MiGenete, Soundcloud, Soundclick, LastFM, iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon & Many More... 


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