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New #HipHop Clothing Line To TakeOver

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     Live from the Empire, Vietnam Jones will be releasing a new fashion line for everyone that is not blinded by the light. "Everybody got money, but how many people really know about their own existence?", Nam stated. While designers like Louie Vuttion only patriotise their causician customers, you will also see a lot of other brands that patriotise certain groups but this brand is for the people of the world. Below you will see how much the designer of Louie feels about his urban consumers that been investing for over 3 decades:
 If you really pay attention, every top Hip-Hop mogul has their own clothing line such as: Russel Simmons has PhatFarm (for the men)/ BabyPhat (for the ladies); Jay-Z has Roc-A-Wear; P.Diddy has Sean John; T.I. has Akoo; 50 Cent has G-Unit, Nelly has AppleBottom (for the ladies) and Lil Wayne has TrukFit; but outside of those popular, commercial artists is a line presented by an Army veteran with over 20 albums in his lyrical arsenal, @VDotNam, that is still in the concrete jungle serving the world through the ministry of music. 

    In the #HipHop music culture, fashion has played a major part in today's society. From head to toe, you'll see many people wearing the most trendous t-shirts and kicks but symbols are everything. Most people wear clothes without even knowing the meaning, which a simple design could be against one's faith or morals of being. 
     IlluminotClothz, is the official clothing line of @VDotNam & the Lifeless Immortal Army. The location which is the headquarters is the Hip Hop Empire. This gear is for the elite minded soldier that stands out from the rest of the world!
    ILLUMINOT (Ill-Lum-Mi-NOT), 
derived from Latin, which means to illuminate those whom are not. From men's/ women's fashion to the babies, children and pets; we only present the truest messages and logos on our merchandise. Not just what you put on your back, we also do the fashion for ordinary household products.
    Our catalog consist of:
Fitted Caps
Trucker Hats
& much more... 

    As of now, black and white is only available for the public. Pertaining to the T-shirts, SnapBacks and certain women/baby gear, you can choose from over 16 different colors.
  Most popular high-class fashion lines really do not care for all of their supporters, we do... That's what makes IlluminotClothz different. Our designers actually take time constructing every aspect of each visualization. "We feel that every being on this earth has power as long as they can see it themselves", @VDotNam stated. "You can even see young soldiers from the largest Hip-Hop syndicate in the cultures of today's society getting involved":
     These days all you hear in the airwaves are beats and rhymes, but this fashion line is coming with the Realest imagery as well as hard-body lyrics and MCs to rule the throne of the newest Industry, the "Semi-Major Recording Industry. People gon hate, but those are the ones that's blinded to their own existence. 
    The official website will be available late October before Halloween, October 31th. The catalog will be located in the store to access and/or download. Every week, we're shipping out new/different orders:

    The future is in your hands... What are you gonna do with it? #ActivateYo3rd 

To order your gear today, call 757-HIP-HOP5 (757-447-4675) or email: Stay connected with us by following @IllumiNOTClothz on Twitter at:
Thank you for your support, Much love... Salute!!!!

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